Simple Land Adjustment

There are the same rules for the simple land adjustment processing as with  comprehensive adjustment. First of all it could be used as an instrument of reconstruction of allotments in cadastral areas, where has not been finished the allotment proceedings  from the historical reasons or has not been  extanted or damaged the documentation of allotment proceedings, or document registration in Real Estate Register does not provide  identification of original allotments or land measure.

The specification of original allotments could be made with the simple land adjustment, their adjustment with the owners and assignment from the simplified evidence to evidence of Land Register Office with unambiguously identifiable land borders.  That could be made either with geometric plan or  digital cadastral map.

The simple land adjustment processing for allotment reconstructions and  assignment into evidence of Land Register Office with comprehensive land  adjustment have appeared as highly efficient. This allow not only organization of owner´s relation but also land ecological stabilization with the possibility  of recreation and sparing a free time.